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Legal Wives tells the story of a Muslim royal family from Maranao and their relationship with their three wives. [2] [4] GMA Network`s high-profile family drama series “Legal Wives” will capture the hearts of more viewers when it launches on Netflix Philippines on Friday, May 20, 2022. The groundbreaking program, which aired in July last year, is the seventh GMA content on the popular video streaming platform. How will Ishmael`s three wives deal with each other`s socio-cultural differences and the idea of sharing a husband? Is the idea that a man loves more than one woman, equally and all at the same time, really possible? The story of a Muslim royal family in Mranaw and their relationship with their three wives comes to an end as GMA Network`s first family drama series, “Legal Wives,” airs its final episode this Friday, Nov. 12. Alice Dixson recently shared the many “firsts” she recently experienced in connection with her upcoming show “Legal Wives”. According to Nielsen Philippines`s Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement People in television homes, the pilot episode of Legal Wives received a score of 11.9%. [21] While the last episode scored 15.7%. [22] The groundbreaking program, which aired in July last year, is the 7th GMA content on the popular video streaming platform. It joins the growing list of Kapuso shows and movies that viewers can watch on Netflix Philippines, including Descendants of the Sun, I Can See You, Love of My Life, Owe My Love, Heartful Café, and Family History. Kapuso`s beautiful actress Andrea Torres is beyond grateful when she extended her contract with GMA Network on July 16.

GMA Network`s high-profile family drama series, Legal Wives, conquers the Philippines on September 20 after its Netflix debut. That now the hearts of more viewers. All scenes, creative processes and executions of the series are carried out by Muslim advisors Sohaimen Agal, Imam Mohammad Miphantao, Imam Abu Amen Abdullah and Ustadh Alinor Pansar; Islamic script editor Salem Guimba; and Princess Nurfathma Egypa Balindong, a costume and Muslim language consultant. GMA`s shows were now on the world`s first entertainment streaming service. The original series depicts a casting coup led by none other than Kapuso drama king Dennis Trillo as Ismael Makadatu, an honorable man from a wealthy Mranaw family who will love three women equally out of commitment, dedication, and compassion; Alice Dixson as Amirah Alontes, the virtuous and pious daughter of a sultan and the first wife of Ishmael; Andrea Torres as Diane San Luis, Ishmael`s second wife, who is a modern and lively Catholic woman who will go to great lengths to fight for herself and Ishmael`s love; Bianca Umali as Farrah Valeandong, an intelligent and innocent woman who becomes Ishmael`s third wife, hoping to save her family`s reputation. It seems that Cherie Gil is no longer interested or motivated to invest her time and talent in a particular TV series. The family drama series premiered on May 20 on the streaming platform. Legal Wives is a 2021 Philippine television series broadcast by GMA Network.

It was directed by Zig Dulay and stars Dennis Trillo, Alice Dixson, Andrea Torres and Bianca Umali. It premiered on the network`s Telebabad programming on July 26, 2021. The series ended on November 12, 2021 with a total of 80 episodes. It was replaced by I Left My Heart in Sorsogon in its time slot. CEBU will suffer from empty office space if the government ceases the activities of Filipino offshore gaming operators (Pogos). In a news report, the Philippines will cease operations of 175 offshore gambling companies and deport about 40,000 Chinese workers, a Justice Department official said Monday, September 25, 2022. The crackdown was triggered by reports of killings, kidnappings and other crimes committed by Chinese nationals against Chinese compatriots,” Justice Ministry spokesman Jo said. After making waves, the GMA network “Legal Wives” will end its race this Friday, November 12. Kapuso giant Derrick Monasterio is in love and reveals that he cares about a special person these days.

In a sudden turn of events, Ishmael is involved in a clan feud that leads to his marriage to his brother`s widow, Amirah (Alice). Ismael follows a discouraged Diane to Manila and tries to woo her without her parents` knowledge. As the two begin to build a happy marriage, Ishmael is faced with another conflict. Upon his return to their province, his friend – to whom he owes a lot – asks him to help him save his family`s reputation by marrying Farrah (Bianca), his daughter, who is involved in a scandal. Kabataan Party MP Raoul Manuel called for the resignation of National Youth Commission Chairman Ronald Cardema during a debate in the House of Representatives on the DILG`s draft budget for 2023. Here`s why. Members of the Bohol Provincial Field Unit (CIDG-BPFU) arrested the province`s eight most wanted individuals at Purok 3, Barangay Bolod, in Panglao City, on Wednesday morning, September 28, 2022.Lt. Col. Saturnino Estigoy, head of CIDG-BPFU, served the arrest warrant on Mary Jane Loreche, 30, accused of Estafa for alleged violation of Republic Act (RA) 10175. or the Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012.The arrest warrant has been issued The story takes place in Lanao Del Sur and begins with a Mranaw-man named Ismael (Dennis) from the wealthy and noble Makadatu family. Although a devout Muslim and muezzin (cutting off the mosque), Ismael falls in love with Diane (Andrea), a dentist who is part of the Catholic minority in his province and whom he hides from his family because she is considered unfaithful.

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