World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship Rules

The preliminary round lasts 3 hours and the participating teams must assemble two puzzles of 1000 pieces. Teams must choose 2 puzzles from the same 4 models that will be delivered. Team members have a few minutes before departure to select and specify the 2 models they will assemble during the round and remove the 2 discarded models from the table. During the turn, it is not possible to change the 2 selected puzzles. “There were competitors from all over the world who spoke different languages,” the 44-year-old recalls. “Some wore team uniforms, others had flown their national flags. As the first Australians to attend, we were treated like celebrities, everyone wanted their photo with us and was intrigued that we had travelled so far. We were invited to participate in a puzzle contest in Turkey. Participants can only assemble the puzzle on their assigned table and at the competition venue. The poster with the table number must always be visible to facilitate the work of the judges. A puzzle competition usually consists of individuals and teams competing against each other and putting together a puzzle.

Whoever solves his puzzle first wins! Typically, these events involve several rounds to determine the final winner, but you decide to set up the contest. Here`s a breakdown of the basics: drag all the other parts aside and if you hit a wall with the room you were working on, find another color that pops up and work on it. The secret is to see your puzzle as so many smaller puzzles, not as the crushing spray of confusion Mumble in front of you. Also, expect it to take a lot of time, enjoy the process. The most necessary element for your event is, of course, puzzles! You need to determine how many puzzles you need. How many individuals or teams do you plan to participate in your contest? Remember that all the puzzles in each round must be the same for each participant for it to be a fair challenge. You can certainly buy all the puzzles, but there are probably plenty of puzzle companies or local shops in your area that would like to donate or discounted puzzles to your event if you sign them up as a sponsor. Participation in the World Cup implies full acceptance of the rules. Any incident that does not reflect this will be resolved by the organization. In the case of couples with people of different nationalities, they must inform the organization of the country they will represent. Once the championship has begun, this condition is immutable for the purposes of country quotas.

Similarly, each team must represent a single country and carry a single flag on posters and rankings. In the case of mixed teams with members of different nationalities, the country they represent will be the country with the most players of that nationality (including reserves). In the event of a tie, the team will decide before the start of the WJC and inform the organization of the country it will represent. Each team can provide up to 4 bowls of cardboard, foam or other material up to A2 in size to help put the puzzle together. The competition spans two days with more than 1,000 participants from 40 countries. The first day is the Teams category. Teams of four or five people have eight hours to solve four puzzles of 1,000 to 1,500 pieces. Only four people can puzzle in a team at the same time, so the fifth person acts like a submarine. On the second day, the individual ranking will take place to determine the fastest puzzler in the world.

Participants have a maximum of two hours to complete the same 500-piece puzzle, unpublished. Whoever finishes first is the winner. Those who do not complete their puzzle in the required time will count their remaining pieces to determine their rank. For the team event, teams of 4 members (also 1 reserve is allowed) make 4 puzzles (2 puzzles of 1000 pieces and 2 puzzles of 1500 pieces) in a maximum period of 8 hours, and the fastest team to complete them is the champion. The four members have to solve a puzzle and when they have completed it, they can start the next puzzle. When a couple is about to complete the puzzle, they raise their hands to signal to a judge to write down the time at the time of completion. The judge, after reviewing the correct meeting, notes the time spent in the minutes and returns it to the Chief Justice`s table. If, after starting the first puzzle, the team decides to change the puzzle before finishing, it must be completely destroyed and put back in its box before the other puzzle is opened.

The registration fee in this category is 90 €. Includes 4 puzzles of 1,000 pieces (+ 2 puzzles if the team reaches the final). “Comments from viewers were repeated, like, `How did you do this so quickly?` ” she says. “They said things like, `It takes me weeks, and you just did it in a matter of hours. “It`s so amazing, how do you do that? I began to wonder if I was really quick at solving puzzles, and the only way to understand it was to run against another puzzle. Take a step back and take a good look at your puzzle pieces, you will notice that the patterns and different colors will stand out. Take these parts and start working on them. Healy says there has been an increase in group membership due to Covid-19, with people sharing their completed puzzles and asking for advice on the club`s Facebook page. The puzzles are selling out in stores around the world as people search for hobbies to keep them busy during the social distancing requirements and travel restrictions of the pandemic. The more puzzles you do, the more experience you get and I think the better you get. When competitive puzzles become something you`re interested in, start approaching your puzzles a little differently naturally. Only duly accredited judges and members of the organization can take note of the completion times of completed puzzles and approve the opening of the next puzzle.

What should I do if I am a beginner and I bought a puzzle of 1,000 pieces that was too ambitious? It was the comments that sowed the seed in D`Arne Healy`s mind that she could become a competitive puzzle player. Whenever she made fun of her friends and family, they responded with a mixture of envy and fear. “Personally, I like the relaxation of doing a puzzle. The world and all its burdens drift away while you get lost in your puzzle. It slows down my thoughts, gives me some time for myself and with each piece that fits together, I get a little bit of joy. So at the end of a 500-piece puzzle, you had 500 strokes of luck. What`s not to like about it? Healy finished 79th and completed the Ravensburger puzzle titled Elephant Family in one hour and 45 minutes. Jane Hanzelkova of the Czech Republic won and solved the puzzle in 46 minutes and 35 seconds.

Participants from Russia, Spain and Poland formed the first four. Does the organization provide boxes or trays to facilitate the classification of pieces during the competition? No, each participant must bring their own, taking into account the maximum size and number allowed, or use the puzzle boxes. In the preliminary phase, players must build a 500-piece puzzle with a time limit of 90 minutes. In the final, they must build a new puzzle of 500 pieces (catalog 2023) in 90 minutes maximum. In case no one finishes before the maximum period, the winner is the one who has placed the highest number of coins correctly, only groups of 3 or more correctly connected coins will be counted.

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